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How to make her success our success

February 28, 2015 3 comments

One of the biggest challenges many couples don’t know how to deal with is when the woman becomes more successful than the man. In many relationships, when the man is growing in career or business it is all good, but when it is the woman it becomes a crisis.

A couple fighting

A couple fighting

In many cases you have a man who loses self-esteem and commitment at home, a woman who feels unsupported and at times who becomes arrogant and eventually a very unhappy home.  So how can a couple navigate this delicate matter? Read more…


Valentine’s day is over, but love shouldn’t be

February 17, 2015 Leave a comment

It has been proven over the years that Valentine’s Day is a day of key love decisions. It is the one day in a year that probably experiences the highest number of engagements and break ups. I am certain that this year’s Valentine’s Day which fortunately or unfortunately fell on a Saturday was no different. It is likely many were ‘dumped’ for failing to meet the expectations of their loved ones while the lucky ones got hitched for the opposite. Now that the day is gone, lets critically look at its impact on love.
Valentine's day gifts

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Lies cheaters tell

February 7, 2015 Leave a comment

Cheating is wrong whether you have a dozen reasons or not. Interestingly many of those who do it know this but continue doing it probably because as they say `stolen waters are sweeter.` In most cases the cheating is based on a lie or two that the cheaters and their accomplices want to be true. Below are three most misused lies.

1. I am happier with you than my spouse
When the going gets tough at homeListen to many spouses who cheat and this is likely to be their number one excuse to cheat. However this is the biggest lie of all time. For many people who cheat there is something extra they are looking for out there. From looking for some extra cash, to freekier sex, respect and the like. Read more…

A couple that prays together, stays together

January 14, 2015 Leave a comment

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‘A family that prays together, stays together’ is an old quote that hung on the walls of most homes when I was growing up.

Growing up as a family we didn’t have many moments of praying together but the few we had are good memories. On the other hand my wife had more of these prayer moments with her family. Looking at our experiences and comparing them with those of our friends it is evident that prayer really brings a family closer even after everyone is grown up. Those families that prayed more together are evidently closer today.

Couple in prayer

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Critical New Year love commitments …

The New Year comes with new expectations, new plans and new resolutions. As we make career goals, healthy living resolutions and investment commitments, it is also important to make relationship resolutions. Although resolutions have lost currency with many people, there is no alternative that has earned its place. Even when you don’t write them down, human beings tend to achieve more when there is an aspired destination/goal. As we begin the year, let’s share a few commitments that could spice your love this year.

1. Prioritize on family

Have fun with family

Have fun with family

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Quit looking for a packaged man, package yours

December 29, 2014 3 comments

The narrative for girls looking for a suitor on the fm radios and on social media is predictable: financially stable, committed, a man of class and one who knows how have fun in that order. Listen to radio shows on relationships and you will realize that this trend haunts many relationships and marriages. The problems that dating/married people complain about show clearly that the young people of our generation could be going down the wrong road on relationships.

A man of class

A man of class

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How you can spread love this Christmas

December 18, 2014 Leave a comment

When we were growing up, the festive season was marked by buying new clothes ‘for Christmas.’ As webgrew older this tradition got overtaken probably because our education needs became more expensive or the festive season lost meaning.

Flirt 1As I fell in love I started to realize the importance of sharing special moments with my partner because of the memories it leaves. The memories have become great assets in our relationship especially in difficult times. It is what keeps us going. Read more…

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