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When he is not all mushy mushy…

What do you do when he is not all mushy mushy like you would want?

I have had two heated discussion on this question in the last week. Two of my friends in what many would consider happy relationships feel they are missing something in their relationships.

“He is a good provider and is usually at home with us but he won’t touch me suggestively in public or even hold my hand,” complains one of them.

In a separate conversation Jane* adds: “He is a focused man and he is even building a home for us and won’t forget my birthday but sometimes I want a gifts a little more often.”

Man cooking for his woman

Man cooking for his woman


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Event: Remaining in love during tough times

February 14, 2014 3 comments

My wife and I spent time with the Dynamic Couples group, a couples group from Breakthrough International Church during their annual Valentines Dinner. We were refreshed to spend time with this group talking to them about the language of love and how to remain in love during hard times.


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Quench his/her anger with love ……

February 6, 2012 14 comments

Two months ago I met this lady who was at the brink of a divorce owing to persistent irreconcilable differences with her husband.

The couple couldn’t agree on almost anything. Conflicts had become a piece of their daily cake and they couldn’t take it anymore. The conflicts had strained their relationship and each of them couldn’t find a heart to be nice to each other, it was like outdoing each other in being bad. I encouraged Angela to be the sober one and stop the rat race.

Earlier in the month I had another chat with Angela and she told me things had turned for the best. Her husband was coming home early, wanting to help with housework and couldn’t wait to go for shopping together. I was curious to find out what had caused the sudden change of events and her answer was straight: “I showed him kindness without expecting him to reciprocate.”

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Inspiring Testimonies…..

June 9, 2011 4 comments

My wife and I have been running some teaching on dating to First years students at the University of Nairobi Christian Union. The impact has been inspiring and the divine revelation of the word life transforming.

Those teachings have been transcribed here in the three articles of:

Many have expressed the joy of experiencing at the liberation God’s word. I sample four of the responses…

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The Testimony is Sweeter……

Just got more details of the testimony of the single lady in the previous article. (at:

I am just excited at what has happened to her.

After reading the article, the good man slips through your fingers.(at: she changed her perception about dating.

Cathy discovered how she has let a good man slip through her fingers. She however decided that it was never too later. She rose up, dust herself and purposed to make things right.

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Moving testimonies….

May 19, 2011 7 comments

Today I share the testimonies of two ladies whose relationships and lives have taken a fulfilling twist after putting into practice the wisdom they have read here. I change their names to conceal their identities.

*Jackline * has been reading my articles and has been challenged to be the change in her relationship. After much thought and soul searching she has purposed to do her part and pray that her husband will change and take up his part of the bargain.

After sometime she started seeing her husband change for the better. She later started reading these positive articles to her husband and the change has been phenomenon.

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