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Ending a relationship with respect

Many of us are clueless when it comes to ending a relationship. Some have crashed their love trains in the crudest of ways. From people ending it via a text, emails of whatsapp message to others sending emissaries, the modern person is clueless on how to end it. It is however important to end a relationship in a more kind and mature manner.

Don’t fake it

It is good to personally meet your partner to end the relationship, don’t use a text, email or a phone call. All these shows lack of respect for them. Secondly when you finally decide to tell your partner about the breakup don’t hide behind the “it’s me with the problem, not you,” excuse. This line is too old to be used. Secondly everyone knows it is a lie. A little honesty would do, just say you two couldn’t work out because of one or two differences. Don’t shy off from saying the reasons but be kind when saying it.When the going gets tough at home

Drop hints

It is sad that some people will take five months to decide that they want out but take a day to convey the same to their partners. If you are planning to break up a relationship stop acting like everything is all good. Fall out of love gradually. This can involve cancelling dates and backing out of planned activities with a suggestive reason. Say something like “I am not in the right mood for a weekend away at this time, we could probably do it some other day.” Don’t sugar coat it too much but again don’t be too blunt.

Another way to send hints is to gradually drop clues. It could be in form of statements like, “I am not feeling as close as I used to be, could there be a problem?” “I don’t feel the spark I used to have for you before,” “Don’t you think we have drifted apart?”

Don’t broadcast it

There is a common trend when it comes to people who broadcast their relationships on social media. If it fails such couples try very hard to erase the existence of each other on their accounts. They will delete any of their photos together while some will even tell the whole world they are no longer together. We need to appreciate that most people don’t care that you broke with your boyfriend and the few who do will use it as gossip and nothing else. Don’t embarrass your partner by telling the world that you are no longer together, quietly deal with it.

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