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Don’t make enemies while planning your wedding

Wedding planning is one of the most stressful moments for couples planning to get married.

One of the biggest risks of this process is making enemies from your friends especially when you bother them with too much. Let’s share a few tips on how to deal with your friends so as not to bother your friends too much. First holding meetings every week to talk about the  same things gets boring. If you have attended a wedding committee people’s commitment wanes as meetings progress. You will also notice that more people attend the first meetings and the last one. Not to bother people, avoid too many meetings and just have enough.  

One way to make the meetings fewer is appreciating that people shouldn’t plan your wedding for you, the best they should do is help you actualize it. Before starting the meetings agree with your partner a general plan and have the committee enrich it.

Avoid over communicating
Don’t spam the inboxes of your friends with messages. Respect people and give them some privacy. Calling them after 8pm or early in the morning is disrespectful. Appreciate they have work to do so don’t call them early in the morning. Acknowledge that they have family and social events and stop calling them late into the night. Don’t bump into their private space by getting them into your wedding whatsapp group, unless of course it’s their idea.
Drop bombarding your committee members and friends with generic messages asking them to fulfill the financial pledges. The respectable way would be to find out from them when they would prefer you catch up with them on their pledges.

Don’t overburden your friends
One of the noble lessons I learnt during my wedding planning is knowing when to stop. If a friend offers to help you with the bridal car, be wise enough not to ask him for something else. I have seen weddings where the treasurer of the committee is also the one carrying the bride and is also been chased by the groom to fulfill his contribution.

At the end of the day planning a wedding should be a time to have fun with friends as they celebrate with you and not a stressful engagement.


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